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  • 7 April 2022
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Hey Maggie,

Work has been using Slido to deliver more dynamic and involved webinar sessions for a few months now, and as a tech-head I wanted to have a bit more of a look under the hood as it where as to where things are going. There are issues that crop up repeatedly in these events - don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge step up, but a slight elevation in a few areas would push it to the outstanding category.


A couple of the biggest wishlist items we would really love are features in the Q&A section such as:

  • [Option to] Enable participant-reply to questions - a lot of the time the presenter is so focussed on their presentation that questions pile up until designated check points (usually the end lol). There may also be attendees that are able to (or are better placed to) answer questions, or have a follow up issue or related topic. When replying currently this it is treated as a separate question, and with the default “Most Popular” ordering, responses can quickly get disjointed from their questions and go out of context.
  • Different options to back questions - we have upvote, could we add downvote? On quite a few occasions where a contentious question is raised you get half a dozen replied questions stating the opposite opinion which just fills the stream with noise. Initial thoughts:
    • Thinking a series of smaller buttons and single count at top-right where upvote is. May need to check how displayed on app (I use a web browser interface as easier for typing) to see if feasible, or may need to be a separate row?
    • Posting a question automatically adds 1 upvote to the count
    • Thumbs up = +1x upvote (not allowed by originator - it is currently lol)
    • Thumbs down = -1x downvote (also not allowed by originator - but why would you)
    • Heart = +1x upvote, but some people prefer to express it this way???
    • Confusion emoji = no voting but expresses the question may need refining. background counter, simple greyed if 0x or highlight if 1+
    • Tick Mark (question originator only) - Mark question as answered (Presenter then can filter these out as knows doesn’t have to deal with), either from a reply or through a later part of the meeting
    • Others??? Facebook started with just a like, There’s now 7x options with many more suggested


My point of contacting you  is less about the specific suggestions before, as I’m sure these get raised fairly regularly, it’s about how such suggestions are shared and developed by the Slido Community. Have you thought of having a part of the community area dedicated to feature suggestions themselves could be managed, up and downvoted, and discussed. I know this happens in replies to Product News, and in Get Inspired, and in Ask the Community - wouldn’t it be nice to bring it all together in it’s own home, and give the community input into the direction it should go?

I’m not saying to completely rip-off MS’s TechCommunity forum, but something similar would be nice. Not aligned to MS’s new approach though - it looks like they’re trying to move it all to a single Teams Channel which will just be constant noise, it’s a bloody awful idea with hundreds of suggestions at play 🤦.


Finally in Product News, as well as reporting on the new developments as they’re released, it would be nice to have some sort of Product Roadmap, showing things you’re working on and developing. This might help mitigate a flurry of suggestions to the suggested development section.


Thanks, and again - it’s been awesome from the presentee end



1 reply

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Hi @Skeggie,

Thank you for all these suggestions! It’s lovely to have such engaged users like you 🙌

You’re totally right that we need a space for users to discuss their ideas and requests for Slido and your post is the first in this conversation 🤗 

Everyone, feel free to discuss your wishlist and feature requests and upvote others’ ideas here. We love hearing them and we will pass them on to our product team.

As to your suggestions, a few of the features are actually already available so I’m leaving the tutorials here:

The rest of your suggestions also sounds great and I’m raising them as feature requests.

When it comes to the product roadmap, I see why it might be useful for users to see it and I will discuss it with the team.

Thank you for sharing 🙂🎉 Let me know if you have any other ideas or if you need help with anything.