Private Questions to Moderator only

  • 25 June 2021
  • 1 reply

We want participants to be able to ask questions, but notate them as private so the moderator know not to show the question in the live questions, but be able to answer with a reply. Either during or after the meeting. Any thoughts?

1 reply

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Hi @DeMarie,

Thatā€™s an interesting use case! To achieve this, you will first need to enable Q&A moderation. Moderation lets you choose which questions show up for all participants. I would then recommend creating a label namedĀ something like ā€œPrivateā€ and enabling it for participants. Here is a tutorial for that. When you notice a question with the label, you could reply to it privately and archive it. Only the participant will be able to see their question and your reply.

I hope this is what you were looking for :) Let me know if you have any questions!