Two language event and use of Q&A or other Slido tools

  • 17 August 2021
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Hi everyone,

we are going to have an international online event (via Zoom) for participants speaking two different languages (German and Czech). It is going to be translated simultaneously and we are thinking about using Slido for Q&A session, however I have no idea, how to handle it in two languages. Is there e.g. a possibility for the moderator/translator to comment&translate an incoming question so that people speaking the other language can vote for it?

What other Slido-tools do you think we could use in this two language online format? Quiz, ranking, multiple choice? Word cloud probably not because of the two languages…?

Thanks for your ideas and help! :blush:

3 replies

Hi Vojtech, 

You can technically reply to the questions so both groups understand. But replies are not displayed on Slido screen, so I’d advise to tell participants to check their devices. They can also change language of the Slido’s participant mode. 


It’s a bit more complicated with polls. I don’t see an easy way how to have Slido polls in both languages apart from using emojis 😢. The only thing that comes to mind is to use one language for the event, set up polls and all the options in that language and have some written instructions for the other group with translated options. 

Hope this helps. 


Good luck with the event. 


Hi Susan,

thanks for your ideas! I’m indeed thinking of using the “reply” option to show the questions’ translation. As you mean that replies are not displayed on Slido screen - I will tell the moderator to inform the participants to click on the questions to see the replies (i.e. translations) - is that what you meant under “telling participants to check their devices”? 

Thanks :-)


Happy to help, Vojtech :) 

That’s exactly what I meant by telling participants to check their devices.