Using Slido Poles and Survey's to track attendance and engagement.

  • 30 January 2023
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I’m currently running 1 course that consists of the following:

  • 70+ students
  • > 10 instructors
  • 3 directors
  • 16 Weeks total. 
  • 1 class / student / week. 
    • Europe / NAM
    • Rest of World 

With this many moving parts, it is difficult to track attendance. If we could have the following it would greatly simplify the task at hand to ensure students are engaged:

Tracking the overall course in 1 consolidated report:

  • Student
    • Week 1, 2, etc.
      • # responses
      • Final Survey
    • Total Days in attendance
    • Total Surveys / Poles completed.
    • Overall days in attendance
  • Total survey
    • Each course rating.
    • Each course feedback
    • Each course attendance
    • Each course feedback
    • Average in attendance

Tried to set this up in our LMS system but because of this being both in person, digital as well, it becomes problematic.

1 reply

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Hi @BFratto

Tracking attendance is not a feature of Slido, there is a way to see the number of active participants by using event analytics, but there are several caveats. For example, to ensure you could see all participants you would need to enable require name

We wouldn’t be able to set up the report you are asking for exactly. However, if you wanted to discuss the options and find workarounds that could help with this, our customer care team are available on 24/5, or through live chat from Slido admin and will be able to dig into your use case a bit deeper. 

Hope this helps!