Which poll to use for people to sign up for topics?

  • 1 April 2022
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I have about 30 tasks that I am looking for volunteers to sign up for. So one task can only have one person taking it on.  Same person can choose to take multiple tasks but we would need to see always when one task has been selected, then it should not be any longer available to others. Which poll type could I use?


1 reply

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Hi @Join,

Hmm that’s a tough one!

You could create an open text poll and put the 30 tasks into the poll description. Then you could ask participants to write their name and the task they want to sign up for as their answer.

Alternatively, you could create a multiple choice poll with the 30 tasks as answer options and ask your participants to select the tasks they want to sign up for. If you do this, make sure you have set up your event to require names and to show the number of votes instead of percentages. After all participants have selected their options, you can export Poll results per user and you will see who selected which tasks.

Hope this helps :)