Are longer sentences no longer accepted in a Slido wordcloud?

  • 11 September 2022
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Hello Slido community!

In the past we were able to present longer sentences vs. just 1 or 3 word entries (see attached screenshot).

For example, when I add a longer sentence now, I noticed how each sentence is ‘butchered’ into individual words. Is this a new restriction or is there a workarond as I find it quite limiting to only allow a few words vs full sentences.

Thank you!



4 replies

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Hey @poppermann,

Those are some lovely responses in the screenshot 💚

We recently adjusted the algorithm of the word cloud so that it doesn’t let through whole sentences and it also filters out words that are seen as not meaningful, such as ‘this’ or ‘also’. This means that when a participant types a full sentence, it is broken up into words and phrases. This was done to optimize the performance of the word cloud.

If you’d like participants to submit full sentences as responses, I’d suggest using an open text poll instead.

Hope this helps and sorry for the late response. 

Hi @Meggie from Slido ,
We used the word cloud last week and some of the sentences got through and others got cut up into individual words, no rhyme or reason which showed up properly and which didn’t - can you explain what the rules of usage are for word clouds please?


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Hey @YaelS ,

With the Word Cloud Poll advise your participants to use one to three words when using the word cloud to get the best results. Longer phrases or sentences will be displayed, but they might cause a mixup. 

When submitting (or advising on submitting to participants) to the Word Cloud, it’s worth keeping in mind that words we use to typically connect to other words conversationally are filtered out. Examples of such words are ‘However,’ ‘Ok,’ and ‘This.’ Our reason for the words being filtered this way is due to the Word Cloud being designed to create maximum impact visually for your participants. 

If you are wanting your participants to submit sentences or longer replies I would suggest using the Open Text Poll for this, as it will not cut up the responses.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thanks @Carly from Slido !