Can guests duplicate Slido events?

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I struggle to find a solution for one thing… I have created a template event for myself (scheduled in a very distanced future) and shared it with the colleagues contributing to our common meetings. But there’s no button for them to duplicate that event so it is basically pointless. Is it impossible for the guest contributor to dupliacte it?

I cannot also find any “normal” way to save an event as a template, and as per the subject linked below, I don’t think there is any actually. It is such a missed opportunity and - as collaborating with others - an essential functionality to have in such tool. It’s such a waste of time to have to re-create the event from scratch every time… 

How to share Slido templates? | Slido Communit

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Hi @J-J,

Guests can’t duplicate the event they were invited to, but they will see polls from the event in their templates under ‘My previous polls’ and they can insert these polls into their own events.

At the moment there is no way to save a whole event template but I see how this would be useful and I am passing it on. As a workaround, you can create your template event and then duplicate it every time you want to use the template event.

Hope this helps 🙂 Thank you for your insights, we are continuously reviewing these and they help us improve Slido.

Hi Meggie, 


Thank you for replying but unfortunately, this isn’t really solving the problem here. It is about the event configuration, not the polls that are actually different for every event.

As a workaround, you can create your template event and then duplicate it every time you want to use the template event.


I can, and I do it as explained. Problem is, every person in one’s organization needs to do it by themselves while using commons style… you can imagine how much time in total needs to be involved to develop this individually for everyone. This is just missed opportunity, however, happy to hear it’s being considered. 


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Hi @J-J,

Ah I see, sorry, I misunderstood there!

In this case, it could be solved by adding your colleagues as users rather than guests. As an organization owner, you can set default event settings for all events created in your account. This means that whenever a user would create an event, it would automatically have the event settings you chose. 

Let me know if anything’s unclear :)

Hi Meggie, 

I believe they are added as Users (label next to their names under “Share access” says “User” and I know they also have license in our organization). The other information, I didn’t know so I’ll check this internally - thank you! 

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Just adding up to my previous message - having event templates would be actually really beneficial regardless, and solving many problems at once as well. You see - if you have global settings (like branding etc.) for an organization, that is totally fine. But what if you want specific branding or configuration (e.g. Q&A disabled or enabled) for different kinds of events that are recurring? Is it possible to set it like that on the organization admin level, or is it only one global setting that pre-applies to all events created? 

I still strongly support the idea of having event templates, as you could probably have several and share them with others as per your needs. Even though you already helped a lot here - thank you! 

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Hey @J-J,

Oh, great! Since they are already users in the license, you can ask the account owner to set default settings for all events in the account.

However, this only allows for one global setting for all events so I agree that it would be useful to have some pre-set templates. Thank you for sharing your use case :)