Can I create a Slido Repository of activities to share with others?

  • 15 June 2022
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I was wondering if it is possible to have a repository of slido activities to share within an organization. So everyone would be able to have access and use them without issues of running 2 events at the same time and the data being messed up.

I think the alternative to this is for 1 person to be the owner of the repository and share all the event types with the rest of the organization and when they want to use them for their own events, they would have to duplicate that event and make it private to them? Would that work? Also is there any workarounds to having to share with over 50 people and is there any limitations in terms of people you can share with? 

1 reply

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Hey @andrea.cuadros,

At the moment, there is no way to have a repository of templates but we do have a workaround for sharing templates here:


and here:


@J-J do you have any advice here? How did you solve this in your company?

Let me know if you have any further questions :)