Can I manually select a poll option for a participant?

  • 11 August 2022
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New to Slido, and looking to purchase the one-time event option as a trial run for future subscriptions.

I am looking to create a simple multiple-choice poll for a large exclusively in-person audience. My intent is for each member to go to the Slido website and access the poll from there, voting as I prompt them to.

My concern is around the few individuals that may have difficulty accessing the site, or simply do not have a mobile device on which to access it. How can I manually enter their choice for them so that their vote is counted in the poll?

For example, I have 100 audience members and my multiple-choice poll is to pick a number 1, 2, 3, or 4. 99 of the audience members are able to log in to the poll on the website, but one person is having problems with his phone. He tells me as the person administering the poll that his choice is #2. How can I go into the poll as the administrator and select #2 for him, bringing the total votes in the poll to 100 instead of just 99?

Thanks for the help!

4 replies


Hey @PASSevents,

Thank you for your insight! It’s true that using participant mode has limited options and we can understand added value behind your idea of “Enter another unique response”, I will share this with our team. 

Workaround you used with the container plug-in and incognito browsing is the best solution for use case such as you have for now.

If you’d need anything else, please let us know. We’re happy to help!


I just discovered a further workaround that is more helpful:

If your browser has a container plug-in or allows for incognito browsing, you can add a manual response inside a new container tab or incognito tab, to prevent tracking of your session details.

This workaround has limited usefulness. You can only enter a single manual response in participant mode like this, then you will see the “Edit response” button from then on if you continue on in the same browser/on the same device.

It would be useful to be able to add responses from paper feedback forms that people might fill out at an event (i.e. if they don’t feel like linking through their phone and it might actually be easier just to fill out the form while they are at an event)--we want to make both options possible and be able to track all the results together.

It would be useful for us to be able to enter those manually so we can compile all results together at the end. SurveyMonkey allows for this in their admin dashboard. You can enter multiple responses on behalf of participants.

The only real workaround in Slido is to go to the participant link from several different browser&device combinations (so on my PC I went into 3 different browsers to enter a manual response, then 3 different browsers on my mobile device. This only helps me with adding 6 responses so far, and I have 12 to enter). Otherwise Slido treats each submission as a unique user, and your only option after entering in one method is to “edit response”. It would be nice to see an additional button (in the Admin/participant view for example) that says -- “Enter another unique response” or something like that. Don’t necessarily make this option available to regular users. But for an Admin it would be very helpful.

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Hey @bthomp3742,

Manually entering answers isn’t directly possible in Slido, but there is a workaround. When you log in and open your event, you should be able to see a Participant mode tab on the left-hand side - if you click on this tab, it will open a preview of what participants see when they join an event. 

You can then enter the answer through this or you can copy the link in this window, open it in a new browser tab and vote through there.


Most participants don’t have a problem with joining Slido and you can join on any device from computers to tablets so hopefully you won’t need to manually enter votes.

Hope this helps! :) Let me know if you have any further questions!