Can I select a category from the OpenTDB and is there a bulk upload or import of questions for quiz?

  • 28 January 2021
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I am not sure if this feature exists, but is there away to filter down to a certain category when using the OpenTDB button in the quiz setup menu?


I can see on the OpenTDB website that they have an API set up that lets you select category and difficulty of each question. Is this something we can also do within Slido?


If not is there a way I can ‘upload’ a set of questions from say a spreadsheet (in a certain format) into Slido?


Thanks in advance


2 replies

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Hi @RichardS,

Great question!


While Slido does use OpenTDB in our Quiz Poll Random Question Generator, there is not currently a way to set a topic or difficulty in Slido.


Unfortunately, bulk uploading questions is not a currently available feature but I’ll definitely pass this on to our product team as a feature request. 


However, we do have the following templates available if that helps:


Let us know if we can help in any other way!

I second the request for being able to select a category and/or difficulty or addingan import feature from OpenTDB.