Can I show survey results all on one screen?

  • 20 October 2021
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A community member ask about this a while back (see below).  I’m wondering if this feature has been added?  I upgraded to the paid version because it looked like that was possible in surveys.  I’m disappointed that  I can’t figure out how to do this. Fingers crossed! Thank you!


Is there a way to have multiple ratings under one question? For example, the question could be “What rating do you give team 1?” and there would be 3 ratings of “relevance to brief”, “presentation” and “wow factor”. Is there a way to have these all show on one page instead of creating a survey where each rating is on a new page?

3 replies

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Hi @CJohnson

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed. I understand it can be frustrating, especially with a new tool.

The only way would be to have the survey. Having one poll question, with the multiple choice answers ( or ranking) to choose from. Then you would activate the survey and if you would like to show the results, you would need to go one question at a time. 

Is this not possible from your side? 

Could you share more details on how you would like to phrase your questions? We will think of something together. 💪

If this however, doesn’t meet your needs, please contact our Customer Care team at They will be happy to guide you through each step. If you decide Slido isn’t for you, they can also help out with a refund. 


Thanks for the invitation to work on this together!  I don’t need to now, but it is really helpful to know that that is an option for the future!

I figured out a work-around that worked well.  I used 20 individual multiple choice questions (each with a yes or no answer). At the end, I wanted a slide showing a graph of how many yes votes each question received.  (So a summary slide incorporating all of the results.)

The way I accomplished it was to have a partner who spoke for a few minutes after the polling portion of the presentation was done.  During this time, I accessed Slido on another computer, went to the analytics tab, and exported the poll results into a spreadsheet, put the data I wanted into a graph, and copied the graph into a final slide in the google slides presentation we were working from.  When my partner was finished, she was able to go to the next slide to present the data.

I don’t think this could have been accomplished with what you described in your answer, but I will keep playing with it for next time!

Thanks again!


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Hi @CJohnson

Thanks for details! 

Wow, that was a great workaround. 💪

Could you share what’s your setup? Are you running the meetings in person, remote or hybrid? Using any integration? 

It’s not possible to have all the results shown at once, but the workaround you went for is one option. Another that comes to my mind is simply taking screenshots of the results right after the voting. Meaning you could do it immediately and add it on the go the slide. 

If you’re not showing the results live, after the last polling question, you can go through the polls from the start and show the results. But this would be one-by one, so you wouldn’t have them all at once. 

You could also have them in a survey. This would activate all the polls at once for your audience and you wouldn’t have to activate each one. Not sure if that’s something you need. 

Either way, hope this helped! 

Let me know if you think of anything else. It would be great to share it with the community here! Maybe other have similar struggles. 

Thank you!