Can I test an event on the day of the event?

  • 16 May 2022
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I will be hosting an event for three days this week. I’ve already tested the quiz but I would like to perform one final test on the day that the event takes place. Is this possible with the one event professional subscription? I have set the date to Wednesday to Friday this week and would like to do a final test run on Wednesday morning. Will I be able to reset the results and host the quiz on Thursday?


Best answer by Meggie from Slido 17 May 2022, 14:05

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2 replies

Hi Meggie,

Thanks for the clarification!

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Hi @svoe,

Yes, you can test the Slido event on the day of the event :) We have a tutorial for testing here.

Just keep in mind that even when you reset polls and delete questions, the number of joined participants in your Analytics will stay the same. This will not affect the participant limit unless you tested the event with many participants (eg over 100).

Hope this helps :)