Can we require participants to join with their names and emails but let them vote anonymously?

  • 4 February 2021
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Hi, we want to create a safe event that requires all participants to sign in with their names and email-address. The participants are supposed to vote for board members. This poll should be anonymous, there should be no option to see which participant voted for a specific person. Is this possible?

And am I correct in understanding that each person can change their vote as often as they want until the voting is locked. But only the last vote will be counted in the final result?

3 replies

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 Hi @LiWi,


Thanks for describing your use case in great detail! 

Requiring a name and email address to join an event doesn't automatically mean that the participant will have to use that name when they’re voting in a Poll. 

In fact, when a participant votes in a poll, they can choose if they would like to be “Voting as THEIR NAME” or “Vote as anonymous”.

If they choose to “Vote as anonymous”, it will anonymize their vote and you won’t be able to see how they voted even in any exported reports.


When it comes to changing their vote - you’re right, they can change their votes for as long as the voting is open. They will have to click on the option and then hit send to submit their vote every time they vote. If they hit send and then click on another option, the new option won’t count as a vote until they click on send. So, only the last vote they have “sent” will count as a vote.


Hope this helps! Please let us know if we can help in any other way 

Thank you for this quick and very helpful reply. I only have one more question about the anonymous vote: Is there a way to make the anonymous version the default setting for each user?

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Hi @LiWi,

Unfortunately, if you want to set up your event in a way where your participants have to log in with their names and email addresses, it’s not possible to make the voting anonymous by default - they’ll always have to change their “voting preferences” manually.


What I can recommend is to consider creating an event where your participants will have to log in with a password instead, and not submit their names if you’d like the voting to be anonymous but also keeping the event safe.

This way, their votes will be anonymous by default, unless your participants fill out their name.


Hope my explanation makes sense! Please let us know how it went or if you have any more questions! :)