Can you remove a single participant from a poll?

  • 24 March 2022
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I am conducting a survey/poll on a document, and one of the participants to whom I sent the link clearly forwarded it to somebody who should not be answering the poll. The person entered a false name and fake email address and entered nonsense language in the open-ended questions. Their entry is messing up my percentage responses on the poll questions. Is there a way to delete this one responder, but keep all the other responses?


Thank you.


Best answer by Meggie from Slido 29 March 2022, 16:47

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Hi @Lefty22,

Sorry to hear that!

You can only delete a single participant’s responses in the word cloud and the open text poll. Deleting their responses in other polls is only possible through exports

When you go to the Analytics tab and export Poll results per user, you can identify which answers were sent in by this participant. You can then go to your admin and delete their responses from open text or word cloud polls by activating the polls and then clicking on the image of the trash can.

To delete their responses from other polls, you will need to remove them from the exported sheet. You can then make graphs of responses within the sheet.

Hope this helps :)