Hide event results from Admin / ownder

  • 8 August 2023
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It seems that admins and owners not only have full access to events creates by others but they also can view the event results from others. Is there a way to modify the role permissions, because I never see a need to have especially the view result - right. 


How can I secure an event so that only the creator or presenter of the event can see the result?


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1 reply

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Hey @Torsten J. ,

Admin and Owner can both see, create, and edit events of all the other license members and update roles. Both can access the Organization settings, but only the Owner can access and change SSO settings.

There is not a way to change or edit their role as they are the one paying for the license which allows them to manage all User access along with all Events under the License as well.

If you wouldn’t want anyone else other than yourself to view your events/analytics I would say the only way would be to create your own Slido account where you are the Owner.

Let us know if you have any other questions!