• 4 November 2023
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Is it possible to create a live histogram. for instance, if you ask all participants to give you their age.

3 replies

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Hey @Akke ,

We have our Rating Poll which creates something similar but the options would be predetermined, and not an open option for your participants to submit their own response.

We have a Pie Chart feature currently in Beta, which is available for our Multiple Choice Poll.

We will submit your question as a feature request for future consideration.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you, I would love to see this added.

The idea would be you could do a survey style ‘study’ live with your audience, and they can see how to do this. So for my students for instance, I would show them the pie with the male/female/other option, a histogram of ages (an explain how this is probably skewed), how a qualitative question can be analysed (with a word cloud) etc. You could explain the strengths and weaknesses of a survey, making it fully interactive..

Can you let me know if/when you add this, I’ll plan a lecture around it!

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Hey @Akke ,

Thank you for the additional details on your use case, this will help the team understand the want/need for this feature request :)

We will do our best to follow up here with any updates, but there is no promise it will be implemented in the current roadmap as there are other priorities we must finish first.

Feel free to follow our Product News to see any feature updates we share there as well!

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions.