How can I merge surveys made to different audiences with the same questions?

  • 20 September 2021
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I’m using Slido often. Now we are having a global training running through the different afilliates and que questions are the same, only done per country.

How can I analyze the global results? 

Is there a way to merge on the analytics the different surveys using same questions?

3 replies

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Hi @jdgm,

Happy to hear you’re using Slido often and trying to find more efficient ways to gain more benefits! 💪

Have you tried using the same event, by creating different rooms for each training/country?

You could duplicate the polls or create a template, to avoid having to put them manually one by one each time. All the gathered data will be stored under the same event, so you would be able to analyze global results. 

I definitely advise having only one room active at a time. Every time you would have a new training, you could create a new room and turn off the others. Your participants will join without seeing any options to switch to another room. 

What do you think? 



The problem is that we have now all surveys ready and several of them already done. It is the final course evaluation.

I would like to aggregate all the results and have the total result.

how is this possible?

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Ok, so in this case you can head to your account analytics, like this. 

You’ll have all the data from all of your events there. If you need to work with specific surveys, you can filter them out within the Excel sheet. 

Hope this helped!