How can I prevent participants from editing their answers in surveys?

  • 11 July 2022
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Is there a way to prevent survey participants from editing their answers?  Also, is there a way to prevent a participant from filling in a survey multiple times?




1 reply

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Hi @Talley

There’s a couple of ways you can prevent participants from sending multiple answers: 

  •  You can restrict who accesses your event, hence replies to your survey like this. 
  •  If it’s not an anonymous survey, you can collect participants names, so they won’t send multiple answers 
  • Lock voting after a specific amount of time. The longer it’s open the more time people will have to send multiple answers ( to do so, they need to open your event in a different browser or different device) 

As for editing answers, other than the last option there isn’t a way to exclude that option to your participants. Unless you lock the voting they will always have an option to edit their response. 

Hope this helps!