How do I create a ranking poll which allows participants to ALSO add entries like in an open text poll?

  • 7 September 2021
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How do I create a ranking poll which allows participants to ALSO add entries like in an "open text” poll?

The problem with the vote-based ranking in the “open text” polls is that people can only vote (thumb up) an item once, and so their actual ranking will be obscured by a bunch of single votes for many options. 

And yet, the ability for audience to add items in the “open text” format is really lovely (a feature that’s absent in the ranking polls). 

Let me know how this can be achieved, and if it’s not a feature, it’d be great if it could be created! 

3 replies

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Hey @LuisT,

No, adding open text responses to ranking polls still isn’t possible, but you could create a survey with a ranking poll and an open text poll instead.

Alternatively, you could try using ideas. These let participants submit open-text responses which they can then upvote and their submissions will be ranked based on the number of votes. Below you can see our video tutorial for ideas :)

Hope this helps :)

Any new thoughts on this? I would also love to be able to open a new ranking poll with several seed choices, but also let users add new options in case what is in there is not convenient for them.


the audience is quite targetted, so this would not get out of hand and produce too many results, but will at least let the creativity part of the ranking to come through.



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Hi @thirdmoo,

We don’t have a ranking poll feature which also lets you add responses at the moment but that is a great idea and I will pass it on as a feature request.

What you could do instead is use a ranking poll and ask participants to rank a couple of options. This way they’re not just giving away one vote, but they’re ranking multiple options. You could add an option like “other” and then ask participants to submit their responses via an open text poll. If you want to see which responses are popular, you could set up a word cloud instead - words in the word cloud will expand as more people select them.

I hope that helps :) Thank you for bringing your idea to us! Let me know if you have any further questions