How do I set up a survey to be anonymous?

  • 20 January 2022
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I’ve created a survey, but unsure how to make sure that employee names/personal details aren’t connected to their response. When I tested in, I have the option to submit as anonymous (see below screenshot), but I want to avoid that step for user and set it up as anonymous from the start. Can’t figure out how - can someone please help? Thanks!


1 reply

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Hi Kelly! 

Totally get your point. I understand how this can be useful.

It is possible within our paid plans, however it needs to be set up from our side as a customization. 

Could you please reach out to our Customer Care team at They will be able to help you out right away.

If you would like to set this up for one event, share the event name/code with them. If however, you would like to set this up as default for all your events - let them know. 

Hope this helped!