How to keep polls active if I'm exiting presentation mode on powerpoint?

Help! If I am in Presentation mode on Powerpoint, how do I also activate each question? I will only have one laptop with me. My concern is that I will be exiting out of Presentation mode, and switching to the “behind the scenes” page which everyone in the audience will see.  This does not seem correct and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong? 

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Hey @mcox,

Are you using our PowerPoint integration? If so, then when you’re presenting and you get to a Slido slide, the poll will activate automatically and you don’t need to activate it yourself. When you move on from the slide, the poll will automatically deactivate as well, so there’s no need to exit the presentation.

Hope this helps! :)

Is there any way of moving away from the slide and keeping it activated?  We want people to use Slido then move to the next slide and people respond then we come back to the slide for the results?  Is there anyway to do this?

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Hello @rmanpreet,

I would suggest using our tool called Switcher instead of PPI for keeping polls active while running your Presentation. I am sending you a short guide for the setup as well.

This way you can activate Slido poll via using a smartphone and instead of deactivating the poll you can hit switch to Slido button in the smartphone (here is how it looks on a smartphone view while running Switcher on the background) 

Feel free to reach out to us again if you have any additional questions after your testing.