How to NOT display submitted questions to audience

Hi all

New to Slido and just settting up our account. We’d like to collect Questions from the audience, but only want the moderator to see those questions via Ipad/tablet. Not the audience.  The moderate may then group similar questions together for discussion with panelists. Can we manage that? and which Package do we need to purchase to do that?

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Hello @Carolyn Gill 

Thanks for the question. Showing questions to the audience is our core feature. This way other people can upvote questions and you will receive an instant information about which question is important to the majority of your participants. 

Achieving the use-case that you mentioned would not be possible with any of our plans. 


Thank you @Ondrej from Slido 


OK, so all participants can see questions submitted by other participants. 


But I suppose that the moderator can surely decide which questions they see? What if somebody asks an irrelevant or inappropriate question?


And if attendees can see the questions, I guess we can disactivate the up-vote feature?  The moderator does not wish the questions to be jumping around depending on votes, and may wish to amalgamate several similar questions together into one generic question to asks the panellists to address.  How do we manage that?




Hello @Carolyn Gill,

Yes it is possible to decide which questions they see. Your moderator can decide which question will be approved by using our moderation feature which is available from our Professional plan. 

It is not possible to disable the voting feature. But there is a topic feature that groups the questions into a different topics. Here is a short guide showing how it works.