How to provision user to different roles (Admin, User, and Guest)

  • 1 February 2022
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We have enabled SSO integration with Okta.  Then, we have followed SCIM provisioning doc to setup user provisioning.

On the SCIM provisioning doc, it shows the “Enable SCIM-based role option” option.  However, we don’t see it on our configuration page.

For the “User role” field, we have defaulted to “Admin”.

On Okta, we have assigned the Admin users on the Slido app (with User Type field set to Admin).  The users are successfully provisioned on Slido (we can see the users are created with Admin role).

When we tried to assign Guest users on Okta (User Type field set to Guest) on Okta.  We get the following error message on Okta.

Automatic provisioning of user XXX XXX to app Slido Admin failed: Error while creating user Bad Request. Errors reported by remote server: No user slots are available [d75bff6f-f734-470a-a8b5-9e14a647c818]


How can we add users with different roles from Okta to Slido?

1 reply

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Hi @tanng,

That’s a great question! Okta doesn’t support SCIM-based provisioning and this is why you can’t see the “Enable SCIM-based role” option. This also means that when you assign roles for Slido in Okta, it has no effect on the roles in Slido. 

To set up guests with SSO, you need to make sure you select the default user role to be “guests” when setting up SSO in Slido. This will automatically assign the guest role to those in your organisation and you can then change their role to admin or user manually in Slido. Alternatively, you could disable provisioning and include all of your users in the set-up in Okta. You can also allow guests to log in without SSO.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else :)