How to share to different participant views

  • 25 January 2023
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Dear Community,


We are currently producing a hybrid event.


  • In person participants will have the possibility to ask questions and answer pollings.
  • Virtual participants will have the possibility to ask questions,  answer palings and watch the stream.


To make it happen, we have embedded our stream hosted on Vimeo in Slido.


My question : is there a way to set up a display for in-person to access Slido Q&A and polling activities WITHOUT viewing the stream.


Thank you in advance for your help !




3 replies


Hi Paul,

to my knowledge, there is no way, as your Slido event is a single page everyone sees the same thing. I use Vimeo live integration every day. You could set up a password for your video and for those in-person the video will not auto-play. I am assuming that is your reason for this so in-person are not using data or bogging down a shared network. Although, adding a password is an extra step and participants may not like that. There might be a way in the Vimeo embed to stop autoplay, but that is beyond my experience check this guide as a starting point

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Hey @Paul Gautier,

@The White Hatter is correct here, both in-person participants and remote participants will see the same thing in Slido.


As a workaround, you could use an event app and embed Slido and your stream into the app separately. This way your in-person participants will just use Slido and your remote participants will use both. Here is a tutorial for embedding Slido into an event app:



Alternatively, you could link the stream as an external link to your Slido and use an announcement to remind the remote audience to open the stream via the link. They can have the stream open on their computers and Slido on their phones.


Hope this helps :)

Hi Meggie,

Thank you very much !

Unfortunately, the app I am using do not allow me to embed two separate sources.

Would you have any recommendation of event app that could welcome this solution ?

Thank you !