Implications of using SSO on number of User/Admin seats in our license

  • 15 November 2023
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Hi team

At Michener we have 24 user/admin seats available in our license. We’re exploring the implications of using the SSO login across the Institute for users and participants:

  • If we were to implement full SSO access, what would that mean for our 24 available User seats?
  • Would we automatically expand our seat allowance?
  • If we didn’t, what would that mean for individuals logging into Slido intending to create events and polls - would we still need to delegate them User status?
  • And would we still have a seat limit?



1 reply

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Hello @John Woodcock 

in case you would like to discuss setup of your account I would recommend reaching out to directly who can help with specific questions. I will try to respond in general: 

  • implementing of full SSO access does not have any impact of number of user seats. For having more seats it would be needed to purchase additional user seats
  • With some Identity Providers (IdP) you can set up Member (SCIM) provisioning. This would allow you to manage users directly through your identity provider. Here is a guide showing how it can be set up. But the seat limit would still be applied.