Incomplete poll results in PDF

  • 30 August 2021
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I just face the iusse, that in the result export not all results are listed.

I.e. in the poll with “view results” I can see all results, in the export “Poll results” as pdf several results are missing.

Are there any settings that I need to check?


I would really appreciate your help :-)



3 replies

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Hi @Christine G,

When you export “Poll results” as a PDF, you will see a neat, formatted version of your poll results which does not show all of them. Could you please try exporting as an Excel file (XLS)? You should be able to see all of your results in an Excel sheet.

I hope this helps! If you’re still not seeing all results even in Excel, please reach out to us at and we will investigate further.

Hi Maggie,

thanks a lot for your reply. I will simply screenshot the results and paste them into ppt, as I use this as documentation for the participants in a way they experienced the results (as I had expected from the pdf). Excel download itself works fine.

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Hey @Christine G,

That’s a great solution! Thank you for sharing :)