Is it possible to limit guest priviledges for a specific rooms in a conference event?

  • 22 October 2021
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I am managing Slido for a large conference.   I would like to set up events with multiple rooms for our different sessions and invite guests to create polls, manage the questions, etc.  I see how to do that for the event as a whole, but I don’t see a way to restrict the guests to a particular room.    Is that possible?

If not, do you have a recommendation for how I can ensure that different guests are not accidentally setting up polls, etc for rooms not associated with their sessions?  Do I have to create separate events for each one?


1 reply

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Hey @Lori Diachin,

It’s not possible to restrict guests to a particular room, but here are two workarounds. Firstly, you could give each room a distinct name so that the guests can easily identify the room. You can also send your guests the permanent link for the present mode of their room - with this, they can see if the polls they’re activating are going live. This might prevent accidentally activating the wrong poll. 

The second workaround would be what you mentioned,  to set up multiple events and give each guest access to one. This can be useful especially if you’re planning to use different features in different sessions. For example, if you wanted to use moderation in one session but not another, this would not be possible with rooms as the same features apply to all of them. Just note that guests can only access one event at a time.

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions.