Is it possible to upvote responses in open text polls?

  • 27 August 2021
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Can upvotes occur on the responses in an open text poll?  i.e. participants were asked a question to provide a response now we’d like to rank the responses. 

7 replies

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Hi @AD7,

For this I’d suggest you use our Ideas feature

With ideas, you can set a topic or a question and have your audience submit their answers in the same way as in an open text poll, and they will also be able to upvote each others submissions. 


Please note that our Ideas feature is not turned on by default and has to be enabled in Settings:

  1. Open Settings and select Features
  2. Enable Ideas
  3. Choose whether you also wish to enable DownvotesReplies and Anonymous ideas

Let me know if Ideas could work for your use case or if you need help with setting it up! 


Hello, I would like to know how to Integrate the Ideas feature into a PowerPoint Presentation? If this is not possible, how could I use this feature during a PowerPoint presentation?

Many thanks,


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Hey @JadeP. ,

It is not possible to input Ideas into the PPT or Google Slides integration.

I would suggest creating the topic, and sharing the direct link to your event with your participants so they can interact with the Ideas feature via their phone/computer to have discussion while you are doing the Polls or Q&A from the PPT presentation. You could also use Slido switcher, which would allow you to switch between your presentation and Slido more seamlessly. 

We will flag this as a feature request for future consideration.

Let us know if you have any other questions!




Thanks a lot!

I would like to know how Slido displays on screen around 100 answers on features and polls such as ‘Ideas’ and ‘Open text’.


Also, is it advisable to set up a Word Cloud for answers made up of sentences when there are around 100 attendees that are going to answer?




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Hello Jade,

it is not possible to display 100 answers at once. For the ideas as well as for the open text the answers need to be scrolled down when displayed on the Present mode. 

For the word-cloud answers it is fine if 100 attendees respond. But it is important to keep in mind that max 50 most common answers would be displayed on the Present mode. This is for accessibility reasons, to make sure that all words are readable. 

Hi Ondrej,


Thank you for your feedback. We recently hosted an event with over 50 attendees. However, we encountered an issue during the Word Cloud polls where sentences were displayed as separate words, rather than as complete sentences. This resulted in a lack of coherence and understanding when individual words were taken out of context. For instance, the sentence "general knowledge of methodologies" appeared as separate words instead of a cohesive sentence. Additionally, only a few complete sentence replies were displayed. This raises the question: Why? Are word clouds not suitable for questions that encourage sentence replies?




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Hello Jade,

Thanks for sharing the example. If you would like us to look deeper into it would you mind sending us a short e-mail to also with the event code for which the sentence “general knowledge of methodologies” appeared as separate words? I tried it on my own event and it appeared together on a present mode. 

It would be ideal to check this directly with our support team so they can provide you with more precise answer once they see how it behaved under some specific event.