Managing Slido polls with regards to broadcast delay/latency

  • 16 December 2020
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I was hoping to use Slido with Vimeo LiveStream. There will be approximately a 20sec delay between the live feed, and the broadcast feed.  If I am watching the broadcast feed, I should be able to launch questions/polls in time with the feed. Has anyone done this sort of thing?

3 replies

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Hi there,

Many of our customers use Vimeo for live streaming their online events, so we see this use case quite frequently. 


The main thing that I can recommend is to make sure the speaker knows about this delay and they don’t start to panic if they don’t see poll votes coming in straight away.

I’d also suggest having the speaker activate the polls to make sure that they go live at the right time - but it’s okay if someone else activates polls for them, just make sure they are well synced on the timing.

A good practice is also to make sure the participants know about Slido and how to get into the event so that once the polls go live you don’t have to spend extra time getting people into Slido.

Let us know how it went!

Any updates on this one? Our client loves to run polls and discuss the answers live. It’s really tricky to do with the live stream delay over something like Vimeo. Whereas our clients who use Zoom Webinar and its polling functionality have no trouble because of the live nature of it.

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Hi @The Real Marc

There are no updates to my colleagues comments previously, I would just suggest timing it as a workaround when live streaming with Vimeo. We have more on this topic here.

I will take this feedback to the wider team though. 

Let me know if you have any questions!