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  • 2 February 2022
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Hello Community,


We are trying to create a survey of 90 odd questions (The use case is different from a conventional survey, so its a bad practice, its supposed to be an online MCQ based exam/ assessment)

However, after entering all the 90 questions, my team got an error message that “You exceeded the survey limit. Please shorten it by splitting it or deleting some questions”

Its disappointing that after doing all the hardwork the error message shows up. Ideally it shouldnt allow more than allowed set of questions to be entered

Given this, I’d like to understand the following-

  1. Can the limit be extended to meet the 90- 100 question limit?
  2. If not, what’s the maximum possible limit that can be achieved?
  3. Can I port over my existing questions to a new Survey without losing the hard work of entering them?

Thanks in advance


1 reply

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Hi @Gautamtverma,

Unfortunately, the current poll limit is 90 polls or 100,000 characters per Slido room - this includes polls created as part of a survey. So technically, you can have 90 poll questions but it seems like the questions within the polls were too long and you hit the limit earlier. 


There is a workaround though, since this limit is set per Sido Room. What you can try is to create half of the survey in one room and the other half in another room. 

  1. You can simply split the survey into polls and then mark half of them and merge them into a new survey.
  2. Then mark the other half and create a second survey.
  3. Then set up a new room and duplicate one of the surveys into the second room - click the three dots next to your survey > hit duplicate > a pop up will appear where you can select the room where you want your survey to be.
  4. Activate surveys in both rooms. 

You shouldn’t lose any data in the process, so no worries - your hard work won’t be lost! Once your participants join the event, they’ll be able to choose the room they want to join, switching between the rooms is very easy too! You can name the rooms as “Survey part 1” and “Survey part 2” for example. 


I realize that this is not she smoothest experience but the limits are there to ensure an optimal experience for your participants and smooth performance of our platform. 

Please let me know if you need any help with the setup or if you have any other questions!