My survey templates vs Slido templates

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi all. I just started using the survey and sessions feautre, but when doing so, that seem to totally screw the order questions appear in the present mode navigation. Also the template part is no longer working as nice as before. I want my templates to have priorities over yours and to be able to search for event, sessions and survey, adding then an entire block and not individual questions. Anyone having better solutions to this? Thanks

3 replies

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Hi @Rosaria Cirillo,

Thank you for letting us know about the poll order in present mode. I have passed it on and I will update this thread if I hear any news.

When it comes to templates, you can still find your own polls by clicking on Templates and then My previous polls.

If you want to add multiple previously used polls to your event, you could combine those polls into a survey, find the survey in your templates, add it to the event and split it into individual polls

You are right though, searching for polls using the event code is no longer possible. I have passed this on as feedback as well :)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else 🤗


Hi there,

if there are many questions/polls etc the only way to make kinda sub-folders in single events is the to create surveys.

The problem with surveys is, that all questions are available to the participants at once.

Is it possible to add a folder-feature to better structure the polls etc by topics, chapters or whatever (e.g. as a substructure and/or expandable portlet)?


thx :)

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Hey @GWK,

Actually we do have a feature that allows you to put polls into sub-folders - sessions. These allow you to sort your polls into folders and you can assign each session a time and date (the time and date do not actually affect anything, they are merely for your information).

Hope this helps! :)