No Synchronisation on Mobile

  • 14 November 2023
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Hi everybody

My name is Christian. I’m 46-years old and the manager of an education course about fire safety in Switzerland. We do a lot of courses and I started this year with using Slido.

I really like it, because it is integrated into Powerpoint, which makes it really easy to use. I’m a beginner and maybe we want to use it for everybody in our fire safety school.

My question: After the latest update, I realised, that on my mobile phone the questions did not automatically appear when I had them on the display screen. Only if a have synchronized manually the questions appeared also on the mobile device. Can anybody help me?

Kind regards


1 reply

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Hey @Chris-09 ,

Thanks for your interest and use of Slido!

Could you kindly write to with the event code you’re experiencing these issues with? Is it happening with all of your Slido events not synching with those on their Mobile phones?

We look forward to helping resolve this via our support team.