participants can't log into Slido event using event code

I’m using slido switcher to activate a survey through a power point presentation. The event is running and some participants can log into it using the QR code. However for some, they don’t have a QR code app. They (and I) have tried to log in using the event code and password. However on entering the event code at an error says ‘Sorry there is no such event active right now’. The event is active (i’ve double-checked) and some participants can log in using the QR code.

Any ideas what is wrong here?


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Hey @Daithi !

I’m sorry for the trouble.

Please make sure that they’re using event code on without the hashtag, and double-check if event dates are set correctly. 

If you continue having this issue, please open a live chat with us on so we can investigate real-time.

Hope this helps!

Many thanks for your reply. You were correct, the dates of the event were incorrect. Once I changed them, the event worked without a problem.

Many thanks for your help.