• 6 November 2023
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I have an interactive screen at an event and i want to offer a quiz on it - magazine style. Users will be competing against themselves - not the other attendees. Anyone should be able to take the multi option quiz online and get instant results. Then the next person can do it. How can i set this up in Slido. It seems it’s only possible to run one quiz with multiple participants at the same time. 

1 reply


Hey @evabryn,

Our Quiz is meant to be run live, by an user for live audience, as you need to click through it, and it cannot be run in the asynchronous way.

I’m afraid we do not have a solution that would fit this need, but if you could tell us more about your use case, maybe we would be able to figure some workaround for you. Could you please open a chat on or send us an email with more details to

Thank you in advance.