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  • 1 March 2023
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I posted a question but it seems to have disappeared. I would like to know if its is possible for students to take a quiz without it being simultaneous for all students. In other words, they take it at their own pace. Some finish it sooner than others, etc. Some even start it some time later? Is this possible? If so, how is it done?

1 reply

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Hi @lightpanther

We received your question, it just hadn’t yet been answered by our team, sorry for the misunderstanding here! 😊

Our Quizzes are for live Slido events and meetings by design so we are not able to run these asynchronously. I can however see how this would be useful so I will pass your feedback on to the wider team. 

A good workaround for your use case would be to run a Survey. This way, your students can answer in their own time at their own pace. You can even generate a permanent link for them to get to when they can. 

Hope this helps!