Start and end times for polls: is it possible to activate and deactivate polls automatically?

  • 13 August 2021
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Under Event Settings > General > Basic Information, I see where you can set start dates and end dates for your event. Is there any way you can set a start time and end time as well for an event?


Rather than saying my event is open from 10/26 - 10/29, I’d like be able to say that my event is open from 10/26 @ 8:00am EST until 10/29 @ 10:00am EST.



3 replies

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Hi @ChrisFurman,

You’re right, at the moment it’s only possible to set the start and end date for the whole Slido event. It’s sounds like a great idea though, therefore I’ll forward it to our product teams for further consideration. 

Could you share a bit more about your event and how you’ll invite the participants to it? Any details you could share would help us understand the need better.

Depends on your setup and the format of your event, there’s one workaround I can think of and might be an option here: If you’ll be using the Q&A feature as well, you could keep your polls deactivated until the time comes and use Moderator announcement to let the participants know when the polls will be available.  

Hope that helps! Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Dasa from Slido

Hi @Dasa from Slido ,

The event I am working on is our Annual Delegates Meeting, which will be held this year on 10/29/2021. The event will be broadcast to members, staff, and external VIP's using WebEx Events and consists of various sessions that include informational presentations, a live moderated Q&A session with our Retirement Board (questions will be submitted prior to the event for them to answer), and an election.

During the event, three separate polls will be available for members eligible to participate in the vote. The first poll will open three days prior to the start of the event (this was the genesis for the original post, to set a specific start time for the poll to open automatically). The second and third polls will be opened during the election session of the meeting, and can be opened/closed manually by one of the event admins.

One of the primary requirements we have for the elections is that we capture the name and email addresses of every member that casts a vote on a ballot. We found that this is not currently possible using the Slido App within WebEx (unless everyone has a WebEx account, which they won't/don't), so our plan is to direct eligible members to the Slido site to vote on each poll. There, we can restrict access based on member emails (Under Event Settings > Privacy > Require Email Address > Restrict who can access the event). Currently, I'm looking to see if there's another way to enter those email addresses aside from manual entry (we won't have the final list of members eligible to vote until two weeks before the meeting, and that list can be between 750 - 800 members).

Any help you can provide on using Slido for any portion of the election session would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Chris Furman

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Hi, @ChrisFurman

Thanks a lot for the details, that’s really helpful. It totally makes sense to automatically activate and deactivate specific polls for your use case and I can see how that can be useful for other customers, too. I’ve already marked that as a feature request. 

Regarding the restricted access and the number of email addresses you’d need to input there - I’ve got a good news for you! Once you have the final list of email addresses, just send it to and my lovely colleagues from Customer Care team will try to do their magic and import it into your event. 

Hope that works!

If anything, you know where to find us. 

Dáša from Slido