What is the difference between sessions and event dates?

  • 21 July 2022
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We have a one time professional subscription. I have created a quiz that I have set the date for as 7-13 August. The event itself is on 7 August, but I want to allow people time to complete a short survey at the end so I extended the days). I have noticed an ‘assign session’ and ‘create a session’ tab in the three dots next the the Quiz session. What I have done by assigning then creating a session for 7 August and setting the time for the 2 hours the actual quiz will run on the day. What have I done here by doing this? ie Is this somehow different to the 7-13 August setting I set up when I created the quiz? Have I set a time which means participants won’t be able to log in and participate in the until the time I have set and will it shut down - lock them out - after the 2 hour time I have set? Apologies but none of these distinctions seem to be mentioned in your multitude of disparate instructions. Jason

1 reply

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Hi @JasonM 

Sorry for the confusion here!

Quizzes work in the same way as polls when assigning sessions. They are there to assist in organizing your event, the quiz will still need to be live and activated manually by yourself, this will not lock out your participants within the time frame. You can even test your event to ensure things run smoothly on the day. 

You mentioned you’d like to run a survey at the end of your event. There is no limit on the time after the event for your survey, you are even able to merge any polls created into a survey and share the survey once the event has finished by creating a permanent link to send to your attendees.

Hope this clears things up for you - if not, to understand your set up and needs better, you can access customer care via your Slido admin to a live chat or email, the team are available 24/5 and would be happy to assist you!