Why do the 'Q&A' and 'poll' tabs switch automatically?

  • 14 June 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi! Have a little problem, I have event where is Q&A and polls. Q&A runs smoothly and everything is cool with that, but the problems is that, when I launch poll questions, it automatically changes the view from Q&A to poll tab on our embedded index. attached images. Is that something that we cant do manually?


1 reply

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Hey @Justus,

The tabs will switch automatically whenever you launch a poll and at the moment you can’t disable this. However, participants are still able to switch between the tabs.

If you would only like to have one tab, you could either try closing the Q&A or disabling either the polls or the Q&A. Keep in mind that closing the Q&A will not allow participants to send in questions and disabling the features will remove the tabs completely. 

Could you let me know your use case? I’m curious about why you don’t want the tabs to switch.

Hope this helps! :)