Why don't my results add up to 100%?

  • 27 July 2022
  • 1 reply

Hey everyone,

I ran a multiple choice poll yesterday and the results did not add up to 100%, actually they added up to more than 100%. Why is this? Is there a bug? Has anyone else experienced this?


1 reply

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Hey @Anna H ,

That’s a great question and I totally get that it looks confusing! Sometimes results don’t add up to 100% and this is usually due to rounding up/down the numbers or enabling multiple options.

The system automatically rounds up/down numbers that are not whole - for example, if you had 3 options and each received one vote, then you would see 33% next to each option. Of course the real number is 33.3333...% but to make it simpler, Slido rounds down the number. So it might look like it doesn’t add up to 100%, but it does add up in the back-end.

The other explanation, which I suspect happened to you, is that when you enable participants to choose multiple options, the percentages can exceed 100%. Imagine if all participants chose all options - then you would see 100% next to each option and it would look like the total is 400%, but instead it’s showing how many participants voted for each option.

Hope this clears it up! :)