Add the Agenda into your event

  • 24 August 2020
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With the Agenda feature, you can create your schedule in Slido, add sessions, assign speakers and link polls.


Available in our Premium, Enterprise and Institution plans.

In this article:



Enable Agenda


To add the agenda items, you'll need to enable the feature first in settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Features
  3. Toggle on Agenda




Create sessions


Once the agenda is turned on, you can create sessions, assign speakers and type in the descriptions for each session.

  1. Click Create a session
  2. Enter information about your sessions
  3. Preview how Agenda looks like for your participants



 When multiple rooms feature is enabled, you can create a separate agenda for each session. This is very useful for large events running multiple tracks at the same time.

This is how the agenda looks for participants:



12 replies

Is it possible to provide an agenda without timings?


Hi @JackG,

Thanks for your question.


I’m afraid this isn’t possible at the moment as the Agenda essentially functions as a schedule. I hope this isn’t a big problem for you.

But I’d still love to learn more about why you’d like to have the Agenda without timings. What is your use case and what are you trying to achieve? Any feedback is more than welcome!


Thank you,



Is it possible to switch from 12h (AM/PM) to 24h format for the Agenda?

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Hi @Rouven,

At the moment, the Agenda only works in the 12h format and you can’t change it. You could maybe add the 24h format in the description of the session. I’m adding an example of what this would look like :)


Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

What are the size of the speaker picture section 

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Hi @Sermsak

You can upload pictures up to 5MB. 

Hope this helps! 

Hey all,

Can you please advise if it is possible to collect feedback for each speaker? Is there an option to create poll/feedback for each speaker while creating the agenda?

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Hey @OmarZ,

There are two main ways you could go about this. First, you’ll need to create a survey and add questions for collecting feedback (we have some templates for this).

Then, you can add these surveys to each session of the agenda and simply activate the feedback surveys at the end of each session.

Alternatively, you can copy the link to the survey and add this to the session description as shown on this screenshot.


Hope this helps! :)

is it possible to upload a speaker biography?

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Hi @Emdy

There isn’t a specific feature to add a biography for the speaker, however, you could work around this by using one of our integrations with Google slides or PowerPoint and add a slide with the information. 

Hope this helps! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


Is this feature available in Webex sessions or just on the mobile version?


Hey @Kaia,

Agenda is not part of the Slido integration in Webex for now.

Attendees will be still able to see agenda if you set it up in your admin, if they’re joining from or via Slido mobile app.

But for Webex meetings use case, we would recommend to use agenda feature that is already part of the Webex app, when you’re scheduling your meeting. Please take a look on the attached image, there is a place for Meeting agenda.

Let me know if you have any questions :)