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  • 24 August 2020
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You can allow your audience to pick several options when voting on a multiple choice poll or send multiple answers in a word cloud and open text poll.

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Allow multiple answers in a multiple-choice poll


When creating a multiple-choice poll question, you can allow attendees to select more than one option and limit the maximum number of multiple responses.

  1. Go to any of your created polls or create a new one
  2. Check Multiple options
  3. Set a limit
Setting up multiple responses In multiple choice polls


Allow multiple answers in a word cloud or open text poll


When creating an open text poll or a word cloud, you can allow attendees to submit more than one response.

  1. Find your open text or word cloud poll
  2. Check Allow multiple responses


If you wish, you can click Participant mode to see how it works for your audience.


Setting up multiple responses in open text polls and word clouds


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