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  • 24 August 2020
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A bit of competition can work like a charm to get your audience to pay attention and help them remember the presented information. Test knowledge of your participants or run a fun quiz during your event. 


Here’s a quick how-to video on setting up a quiz in Slido:

This is how a typical Slido quiz is run:

  1. Create your quiz questions
  2. Edit quiz
  3. Activate the quiz to let your participants join
  4. Start the quiz to ask the first question
  5. Reveal the results for the first question
  6. Reveal the correct answer for the first question
  7. Proceed to the next quiz question
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 8
  9. Display leaderboard 


Looking for a fun Christmas or Easter quiz for your family and friends? Browse our templates.

Create your quiz questions


To create a quiz:

  1. Go to Live Polls tab and select Quiz
  2. Type in your questions and options
  3. Mark correct answers in each question
  4. Enable timer

The quiz is a set of multiple-choice polls. You'll need to add at least two options for each quiz question and mark single or multiple correct answers.

Creating a quiz

If you mark multiple correct answers in your quiz, participants will also need to select all correct responses to receive credit. With this in mind, it might be worth stating in the question that there are more than one correct answer.

Running out of ideas for your quiz? Use the magic cube to add a random question.

Just hover on the next question and click the magic cube icon to add a random one:

Adding questions from random options


If you’ve already created your question, but you’re struggling with the answers, click the magic wand that will suggest random options for you:

Generating random answer options for questions


There is a limit of up to 100 questions per quiz to ensure smooth performance. However, we recommend no more than 30 questions per quiz to keep your audience engaged. 

Explore our Useful tips for more options and best practices. 


Edit quiz

You can edit your quiz or add more questions to edit anytime. Once saved, just click the three dots next to your quiz and select Edit.

Editing a quiz


Activate and start the quiz

Once you're all set, click the play icon to activate your quiz. Before jumping to the first question, make sure to wait for participants to join at using your #eventcode, QR code or via event link. Once everybody's in, start the quiz by clicking the blue button.

Refer to the participant mode to see how the quiz looks to your attendees.

Activating the quiz with participant view


Your participants will be asked to enter their names. You can track this on the right side of your screen.


Run the quiz

Keep an eye on the vote counter in the top right corner to make sure everybody’s voted. Afterwards, click the button to display results for the first question. This will automatically lock the voting and prevent any more votes from coming in. Afterwards, reveal the correct answer and move on to the next question.

Displaying correct answers


 If you set up the timer, results appear automatically after the time is up.  


Display leaderboard


The leaderboard in Present mode displays 5 participants with the most correct answers and fastest response time. By default, it's displayed after all the questions have been answered.

Displaying the leaderboard

As an admin, you can track the complete leaderboard throughout the entire session. Click the three vertical dots and select Leaderboard next to your active quiz to do it.


By hitting Show to participants you can also display the top 5 players to your audience whenever you wish.

Displaying leaderboard using poll settings


Alternatively, you can also choose to show the interim leaderboard after a round of questions.

Displaying leaderboard in between questions (setup)


Useful tips

  • Tip 1: Add a description
    If you'd like to add more context to your quiz question, hover on it, click the three vertical dots on the right, and select Add description.
  • Tip 2: Allow participants to select multiple correct answers
    You can mark multiple correct answers for your question to make it more challenging. To earn a point, your participants have to get all the answers right.
  • Tip 3: Delete testing results
    It's a good practice to test everything before the live event. Once you're done with testing, you can simply click the three dots next to your quiz and select Reset results. You'll start from zero votes and participants again.
  • Tip 4: Disable Audience Q&A
    If you're only running a quiz or other polls, you can get rid of the Audience Q&A tab in both Admin and Participant mode. Go to Settings - Features - Questions to turn them off. This visual tutorial will help if needed.
  • Tip 5: Run the quiz throughout a presentation
    Once you reveal the correct answer to one question, you can wait as long as you'd like before activating the next one and then reveal the leaderboard at the end. Here's more about running Slido with a presentation.

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50 replies

This is a great thorough explanation of the Slido’s type of poll that Slido calls “quiz.”  It was very confusing to see quiz and muliple choice as types of poll options to create online polls.  Tell that in particular to teachers and professors whose universes are already filled with numerous forms of assessments. For most of us, quizzes and multiple choice questions are nearly synonymous. This should be addressed early in the Slido Academy.  It took me a web search to land on this Slido community forum or site.  If I did not land on this community site, I would have continue on to use other online poll apps instead.

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Hi @Asley,

At the moment, the quiz is not automatic so you have to click on each question to make it live. 

If you’d like to run multiple questions at the same time, you can run a survey instead. 

I can totally see that it would be useful to make the quiz automated so I am submitting this as a feature request. We also have a similar thread here: 

Hope this helps :)

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Hi @Hsiung,

Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate it 😊

I’m going to pass this on to our team to make sure we make the distinction between “multiple choice poll” and “quiz” more clear in our materials. 

Please let us know if you have any other feedback or questions about Slido.

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Hello @Kdrakerf,

It is possible to run a quiz or a survey (with pre-selected correct answers). This allows you to evaluate how many correct answer which student got. To be able to see exactly who and how many points got I would suggest exporting poll results per user.

For checking the name of the students we recommend using our SSO or SAML protection. This would ensure that they do not enter some fake names but it also may be a bit tricky as the protection cannot be always set up. I would recommend checking with your IT department if students could be verified via some school/university e-mail addresses. Also it is important to set the participant privacy to always require name. Otherwise students could be switched to anonymous. 

You can also set name to be required without SSO/SAML verification but students can fill in fake names and sometimes people submit word Anonymous as a name and then it looks like they are anonymous. 

Please keep in mind that it is important to test this before using it for real quizzes to make sure Slido really fits the needs you have. 

I’m planning to allocate marks to students for “participating” in Slido Lecture quizzes. One mark for participating in the quiz, 2 marks for getting more than 50% correct. I’m curious if anyone else has done this, or something similar. I’m OK with doing some manipulation of data afterwards to get it into my LMS Gradebook, but wondering if anyone has any insight. I am thinking I need to let the students that they can’t be “anonymous” so I can track their participation and score?

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Hey @Weibo Rao ,

If you are not wanting to reset the results, all of the participants submissions will combine together each time you run the Quiz. If you would want to keep specific groups separate, I would suggest duplicating the Quiz X amount of times you will be running it to keep the submissions from each session separate.

Let me know if this helps.


Hello Slido,


I will use Slido in a two-days event for interaction with people. They will take the Quiz and get prizes. The Quiz will be launched once an hour. How can I keep every attendee’s data without reseting the results.


Thank you very much.

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Hey @Weibo Rao ,

I would suggest setting the Privacy settings of the event to collect names and emails of your participants joining as there is not a way to do this with the Quiz poll itself.

You dont need to reset the poll results unless you plan on using the total results from both days of quizzes to gift those winning because it will combine the leaderboard and results from all participants submissions over the two days.

Let us know if this helps!


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Hi there @Flinders street trainers,

There are a few ways of you can re-use an existing quiz so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch.


  1. You can simply duplicate the quiz within the same event, this will duplicate the quiz questions without the answers.
  2. It is also possible to reset the results on your quiz. Here’s how you can do that. This will, however delete all the responses from the exports too so the leaderboard will be lost too. 
  3. If you’d like to start a new event but run the same quiz, you can duplicate the old event with the quiz - this will only duplicate the quiz questions and not the answers from the old event. Here’s how you can duplicate an event.


Let us know if this was helpful or if you have any other questions :) 


Is it possible to delete existing responses and re-use an existing quiz in subsequent training sessions?

Hi Slido,


I will host an interactive event during a two-days event, during which I would like to collect the guest informations, the emails and do some interactions with the guests, and then provide them some gifts.

What I plan to do is launch the Quiz every one or two hours.

I don’t want to reset the result every time a new Quiz starts, because I want to collect the attendees’ contact.

What are your suggestions for this requirement, to use the same Quiz multiple times during an event, and not reset the result every time.


Thank you very much.

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Hello @TonyM. 

you can find a limit for maximum participants on this link:

We have different participants limits per each plan. You can find it directly in the first squares on the website. 


Good morning, 

I would like to know how many players are possible for a free quizz ? 


Thank you in advance, 



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Hi @Edward O,

No, at the moment, you cannot run a quiz to run on its own but you could create a survey and send it to your participants every Friday. A survey is a collection of polls and if you want to run it like a quiz, you just need to add multiple choice polls. When you’ve created it, you could send the link to your participants every Friday.


Hope this helps :)

Can I schedule a quiz to run every Friday for a specified period of time?  Is it the “session” option?  And does the Free version allow this; one survey per session?  Thanks

I see the tip to keep a quiz under 30 questions.  Is there a limit to the number of questions that can be in a quiz?  Is there a document geared toward educators in which this is documented that we can share with customers?


Can the leadership board of a quiz show the person that answer the question fastest for each question and not base on the overall time the person interacting with the quiz?

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Hi @Stephanie Knoop,

Slido has an overall limit of 100 polls or 100 000 characters per room. There is no exact limit on the number of questions in a quiz, as this depends on the length of your questions and the number of options, but we would recommend keeping it under 30 to be safe.

Let me know if you need anything else :)

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Hi @Steve Panton,

At the moment, it’s not possible to just see who was the fastest for each question. The leaderboard will always combine the time the participant took to answer and the number of correct answers.

However, when you view the leaderboard in your admin, you can see who was the fastest. To view the leaderboard, click on the arrow below the quiz poll, then select the three dots next to ‘Leaderboard’ and then select ‘View Leaderboard’. Here is a video tutorial.

I hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions!

If I set good answer for 2 options the points are not awarded as I would expect for any of this answers :(

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Hi, @Loredan

I’m sorry to hear that the functionality doesn’t work as expected. 

Just to better understand your need, did you want the participant get a point for every correct answer? Or perhaps divide the single point for any correct answer the participant would select correctly? 

Once I know more about how you would expect the correct answers to be calculated, I’d be happy to forward the suggestion to our product team. 

Thanks for letting us know it can be improved!

Dasa from Slido

Hi @Dasa from Slido ,


I would expect that each participant which choose one of the 2 good option to get the point no matter which one they choose. Since this is quiz type question (not multiple choice) the participant cannot (or at least I didn’t noticed) choose more than one option.

Hi all,

I am creating a quiz. My questions will be multiple choice questions. Let’s say 10 possible answers, however only 6 of them are correct.

Is there any way to set up the quiz that someone, who selects just let’s say 3 correct answers, will also get points? Of course not full points, however partial points.

Thanks for help

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Hi, @Loredan

Thanks for the explanation. When setting up the quiz, it is indeed possible to mark multiple correct options. If you do, then the participants could also choose multiple answers.

Let me attach some screenshots here for you just in case: 

Quiz question with multiple correct answers in Admin mode

If a question requires multiple answers, the bullet points for participants will turn into squares instead of circles:

Selecting multiple answers as a participant (on the left)

You can easily test it straight in your Admin mode by creating a testing quiz question and marking multiple answers. Then, you can start the quiz and click the ‘Participant mode’ button on the left side of your admin. After joining the quiz try to answer the question choosing multiple answers. 

Hope this helps! Just one more thing about the scoring - for the participant to get a point, they would need to select all correct answers. There’s no limit on the number of the options they could go for - even all the options can be selected (and correct). 

Having said that, would you still expect to get partial points if someone has one of two answers correct (or 3 out of 4 etc.)

Thanks again for your feedback!


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Hi, @Peter4444,

That’s an interesting idea!

At the moment, the participants get a point when they select all correct answers only, but I’d be happy to forward your suggestion to our product team for future consideration. 

Could you perhaps share a bit more about who is your audience and why would you like them to get partial points, too?

It would help us better understand the need and the potential solution.