Integrate Slido with Hopin

  • 9 February 2021
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If you’re using Hopin, you can integrate Slido into any area of the Hopin event - be it reception, stage, session, or expo booth.

This will allow your attendees to interact with Slido directly from Hopin.

As an admin, you cannot manage Slido from Hopin. You’ll still need to do so using another browser tab or device.


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Before adding Slido into Hopin, you’ll need to create a Slido event first and get its unique Event link. 

To do so: 

  1. In Slido, open Event settings
  2. Copy Event link


Getting the Event link


Using Multiple rooms? Learn how to get the link for a specific room in this article.


Enable Slido integration in Hopin


When logged into Hopin:

  1. Select an Organization on the left and click Integrations
  2. Find Slido and tick Enabled
  3. Hit Save at the bottom of the page



Add Slido to your Hopin event


Under the Events tab, select your Hopin event in which you’d like to use Slido. 



  1. Navigate to the specific stage or session in your event that you'd like to add Slido to
  2. Paste the Slido Event link into the Slido URL field
  3. Hit Save at the bottom


Adding Slido Event link to Hopin


How it works for your attendees


You can see how Slido works for your attendees under the Preview tab. They’ll be able to interact with Slido right next to your video or live stream once you go live.

Slido integration for participants in Hopin


Get started with Hopin here.


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