Can I integrate Slido into an existing powerpoint slide?

I’m wanting to run a Slido poll on an existing slide because I want audience members to answer questions about what they see on that slide. Is there a way to do that? I only see ways to make Slido polls a separate stand alone slide.


Best answer by Ondrej from Slido 9 May 2023, 08:42

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Hello @rac59

There is an option to run a poll in Slido without using PowerPoint integration. Once you would be on your existing slide you would activate the poll from Slido admin (via different device) and you would tell your participants how they can join and vote. 

Another alternative is using Slido picture poll (you could insert the picture into Slido directly) and people could vote. But this works only with our paid versions and you could use it together with the integration and your participants could view the picture on their devices. But I would suggest testing this option to make sure it fits your needs. 

Thank you for your response. If possible, it would be really nice to have the capability of inserting Slido directly onto a pre-existing PowerPoint slide.


Hello @rac59,

Thank you for your suggestion. It will be forwarded to our team as a feedback for Powerpoint integration. I am not sure if it would be possible technically but it is good to receive feedbacks like this for the future.