How to delink event in PowerPoint

  • 15 November 2021
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I created an event using a branded PowerPoint deck for Meeting 1. I want to now create a new event for Meeting 2 and so the PowerPoint for Meeting 1 as “Meeting 2” with the intention of updating most slides and linking it to Event 2. But it keeps telling me that the PPT was created with a different account., It wasn’t!

How on earth do I get the PPT for Meeting 2 to recognise Event 2. I’ve tried copy and paste to a blank PPT document but it does not take the branding with it. :(

Is there no easy way to delink the event from a “Saved As” PPX document? If not, this is a reason for reconsidering my use of Slido.

1 reply

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Hi @tessa2020,

No worries, we can definitely sort this out for you! 

Can you please try logging out of Slido before duplicating the presentation and then logging in to Slido in the duplicated slides, this should allow you to connect the second event with the duplicated slides.

Now with the branding, do you mean the branding in the Slido event or the branding on the slides?

To speed things up, feel free to open a chat with our Customer Support, our team is available 24 hrs Mon-Fri. 


Please let me know if logging out did the trick or if you need any more help! 😊