PowerPoint add-on only working on 1 out of 3 laptops

  • 1 November 2022
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Hi, I am trying to use the Slido addon for PowerPoint.

On my personal laptop it works fine-- I have regular slides before and after the “polling/Slido slide”, and when I advance to the polling/Slido slide, it properly displays the multiple-choice question I set up. Upon another advance, it displays the results.

But on the 2 important laptops, the same process only results in a blank white screen. For a split second it flashes the question, but then goes to the blank white screen.

All 3 laptops are on the same Windows 10 Pro (version 10.0.19044 Build 19044), all 3 are on the same version of the power point add-on [v1.5.2.3420 (Support ID a5e10d4e)], all 3 are on the same hard-wired internet connection DHCP (getting around 100 mb/s download + upload speed with 40 ping.


Why is it displaying a blank white screen on 2 out of 3 laptops?

1 reply

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Hi @Slido test 

It could be possible that it works on your personal laptop but not your work laptops (providing the add on has been downloaded for both machines), that a VPN connection is blocking access, or your work laptop has admin control you will need access for. 

These are just two possibilities, I would recommend going through our troubleshooting for PowerPoint and follow the steps. 

If you continue to have any issues, our customer care team are available 24/5 to assist at, or through Slido live chat in admin. 

Hope this helps!