Showing Q&A Replies in PowerPoint

  • 5 May 2023
  • 1 reply

Hello! We used Slido for the first time today during a large meeting, and one big bummer that we couldn’t figure out, was a way to show in the PowerPoint presentation the replies that the moderator was responding with. Is this not a possibility? Do you have to have a paid plan or certain settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU

1 reply


Hello @apierce0115,

The replies, that can be posted as a moderator via Slido admin, can be seen only in the participants mode. So everyone using their device for posting questions should be able to see the replies. 

But when it comes to the Present mode in general it is not possible to display Slido replies. It does not matter if you use the integration with PowerPoint or you would use Slido as a standalone. Currently the way it is designed for the Present mode is to show Questions from the audience only.