Using same presentation at the same time but different groups

  • 15 March 2022
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Our team is designing a new powerpoint training presentation, that will be used in virtual classrooms over MS teams. We are incorporating slido for the first time, so its a steep learning curve!

We have worked out that the presentation can be reused, great, but how can we use the presentation at the same time, by two trainers ,running two different sessions? 

Can you advise please?

Also, In total there are six trainers who will be using the presentation ,but no more than two at one time. Are there any other factors we should consider? 

Our company has a professional package if that helps. 


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2 replies

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Hi @YW3,

I would not recommend having two trainers use one presentation at the same time, because the results in Slido will combine and they will see each other’s participants’ responses.

With this set-up, I would recommend creating a separate copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a separate room in Slido for each trainer. After you’ve created your event, you can make a room for each trainer and duplicate all polls to each room. This way you’ll have all responses within one event. Then, connect one room with one PowerPoint presentation.

I would also recommend inviting each trainer as a collaborator. With collaborator access, they can run polls and Q&A.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks Maggie. It would be two separate events, happening at the same time, with different trainers, so using two separate, but identical PowerPoint/slido presentations sounds like the best option.

Many thanks