Using Slido embedded in PowerPoint slides for Microsoft Teams Live Event?

  • 19 March 2022
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Hello all,

I just learned about the Slido not being integrated with Microsoft Teams Live Event.

Very soon I will have a Live Event session for which I prepared a PowerPoint deck embedded with Slido interactions (polls, rankings, ratings and such). I plan to present this slide deck during the Live Event.

Did anyone already tried this option? How well did it work? Any tips for me?

Thanks a bunch!


5 replies

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Hi @Stjepan,

You are right, there is still no integration for MS Teams Live Events, however you can share your screen and ask participants to join Slido via their phones or computers.

When you’re running the event, all you need to do is share your screen with the PowerPoint deck. Participants can then join the Slido event on their devices by scanning the QR code or entering the event code at As you go through the presentation, polls will automatically become active and show on participants’ devices when you get to a Slido slide.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else :)

Hello @Maggie from Slido 

I wanted to use Slido in PowerPoint Live for Q&A qithout switching from one screen to another to display questions.

Unfortunately it does not work, I can have only the Slido Event in the slide, but the Q&A do not appear



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Hi @path,

To see the Q&A in PowerPoint, you need to insert the Q&A slide into your presentation.

You can insert the slide by opening the sidebar and selecting ‘Audience Q&A’. When you get to the slide in your presentation, you should see the Q&A. If participants have not sent any questions yet (or questions haven’t been approved), then you will only see the event code and the QR code on this slide.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you still can’t see questions in your presentation 🤗

Thank you @Maggie from Slido 

the question is more related to the usage of Slido with PowerPoint Live. It doesn’t work



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Hi @path,

Ah sorry! I missed that. Yes, that’s right - Slido does not work with PowerPoint Live at the moment. 

If you are using PowerPoint Live with Slido, you will need to switch between screens using the three finger swipe on Mac or Alt+Tab on Windows. You could also try using Switcher to switch between your presentation and Slido or you could use our Google slides integration.

Hope this helps! :)