What can I do if my polls are not showing up in PowerPoint?

  • 20 January 2021
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I have PPT slides that have embedded live polls and Q&A windows.  I have tested this presentation before, and everything worked. Currently, when I run the slides -- using the “Present with Slido” button -- the polls do not show in the presentation. It just shows the placeholder slide.

For this same PPT file, if I add a new poll now, then it shows as expected during the presentation. But the saved poll slides still do not work.

I have checked that I am connected to the correct event.  (I have two different ones, for two different classes that I am teaching,) I’ve tried restarting PPT and restarting the (Windows) laptop. No change.

Any ideas? 



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Hi @gbyrd,

when you open this presentation in PowerPoint and you open Sidebar and you click on the slide with a poll which does not work during the slide show, does the Sidebar show you information about the poll? If the slide with the poll is recognized by Slido, Sidebar will show you the poll type and you can change poll title or options.

In case the poll gets disconnected, Sidebar will show you screen for adding new polls to your presentation.

Can you confirm to me if this is a problem where you cannot edit some of the polls using the Sidebar?

I confirm that this is a problem. When I am on a Slido slide that was previously prepared, the Slido sidebar does not recognize it and does not offer me the edit option.

Here’s some more info, to complete the picture. I have two classes, and I’m preparing PPT slides for both. I have two events that run from Jan 20 to Apr 28, with different names and different hashtags. I discovered that I do have to use “switch sessions” to choose the event that I want for that particular PPT file.

Just now, I created a new poll, saved the file, and exited PPT. When I reopened, the poll was still “live.”

I opened a file from the other class, and switched sessions. None of the Slido slides was recognized.

I went back to the first file, and again the new Slido slide was not recognized.

So is this related to switching sessions? I don’t seem to be able to control which session is connected when I open a PPT file. It’s always the last session that I was using. I’ve just tried logging out of Slido before saving the file, but I see the same behavior. When I login, I get the same event/session that was active before.


Maybe this is related to the “do not copy” issue with PowerPoint? I probably did save a copy of the slides going from one class to the other.

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Thanks for all the details, this is very helpful. I’m sorry for all the trouble with the files. This seems to be definitely the issue mentioned in our FAQs.

We will be releasing a fix on Monday or Tuesday (Jan 25) that will allow you to make copies of your files without any of the issues mentioned above.

As a result, you’ll be able to use the same code across multiple presentations.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or insights.



When using the poll, the percentage bar is not shown, only the % itself.

Could you please let me know how to fix it?

Thank you,





Hi @KataT,

I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve had with presenting the results on your slides. I have had a look into the issue and it seems that the default colour for the results bar has been set to white, meaning it won’t show up against the white background. This has been affecting a small number of users, and we will be releasing a fix for this shortly.

In the meantime, you can change the colours in Slido by opening the hamburger menu in the sidebar and selecting Customize. Here, you can select from a number of pre-existing themes or select Custom where you can choose any colours you wish.

Here is an article we have prepared that can help you with all of the customization features in Slido.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!